Birch House Farm

About Us

The View from Birch House Farm

Birch House Farm was built in the 18th Century. Since this time it has been part of the Duchy of Lancaster's Estate and it is now our family home.

In 2018 we finished the first of two luxury wooden glamping lodges within our woodland. The lodges are as eco friendly as possible so as to minimise the impact on the natural environment. We have provided a bio digester to naturally process waste from the lodges and advocate the use of eco friendly cleaning and washing products.  

Our water supply is from a nearby spring. This naturally soft water tastes great and is kind to your skin.

Our Weather Station

Check out the weather at Birch House Farm - click here!

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Our Chickens

We are the proud owners of free range Yorkshire Blue hens. Our girls are very friendly and will no doubt become firm favourites.  Their blue shelled eggs will also be available to buy from us.

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Our Woodland

You are welcome to amble through our lower woods where each season brings its own delights, including wild orchids, bluebells, fungi, ferns and fairies.

Our Chickens in the Snow
Lupins at Sunset
Cabin with View